All children will be assessed during the first few weeks of Small Fry Skating to make sure they are in a group that suits their abilities.

Children may be moved to a different group by the convenor any time during the season but especially in the first month of skating.

General Skill Levels are outlined below. Please note that these are a guideline only and groups are based on a number of factors including the number of children in each group.


Kneel to stand (get up unassisted)

Stance on ice

Shuffle forward

Follow direction

Separate from parent

Balance during movement

Can stay on ice whole session



Kneel to stand (get up unassisted)

Stance on ice

Glide/shuffle forward and back

Balance during movement

Skate in a circle, stop safely

Skate ¾ width of rink

Follow direction

Separate from parent

Can stay on ice whole session


PRE-Glider (Red)

Stopping either snowplow or skid stop

Pushing with both feed (forward stroking)

Two feet gliding

Beginning backwards skating

Standing on one foot

Skating in a line

Safety when skating in a group or line

Ability to follow direction



Safety rules when skating in group/line

Snowplow or side stop

Skating backwards

Work both edges of blade

Gliding on one foot, alternation feet

Backward/frontward sculling

“T” push off

Turning & crossovers


FIGURES (Purple)

Proper posture (good balance, chin up, body upright, knees bent)

Skate forward on circle using two feet (clockwise and counter)


Backwards sculling

While gliding, bend & grasp outside of ankles then return to stand

Use washable markers on ice to follow figure 8 using inside/outside edges

Stroking (alternate gliding on foot for few seconds)

3 turns

bunny hops

two foot spin, one foot spin

skate forward to backward & backward to forward


2 foot jump forward to backward and back to front



Speed skating

Skid stopping


Backward skating

Agility and balance

Learning crossover

Team concepts

Reinforce power skating skills

Introduction to game skills, passing, shooting

Introduce game rules